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There is a long-standing debate about whether colour or black and white portraits are better. Some people swear by the power of colour, while others find black and white photography to be more timeless and elegant. So, which is the right option for you? In this blog post, we will explore both sides of the argument and help you make a decision about which type of portrait is best for your business!

One of the biggest questions I get asked is why black-and-white photography still exists. Black-and-white photography is still associated with old style photographs so shouldn’t old modern photographs be in colour? Black-and-white corporate headshots originated a few decades ago when actors and business people needed to get head shots. Back then, black-and-white photography was a lot cheaper than colour photographs. The reason for this is that the process to develop and print black-and-white photos is a lot less complicated then the process for colour photographs.

Fast forward two present day and we are no longer using film for a photography. Practically all photographers use digital cameras that can capture photographs in colour or black-and-white which means that we can provide the same photograph in either option.

Although most people prefer to use colour photographs for the head shots, some people still prefer to use black-and-white. This usually comes down to a styling preference or to align with the design of the website where black-and-white photography is better suited for the design of the website and also your personal branding.

Digital cameras capture a colour photograph so if you want a black-and-white version of your photo, the photographer needs to do some editing in order to convert it black-and-white. This is not a complicated process and rather quick to do. Yet, a lot of photographers charge extra for this service even though it’s really not that much work to provide both versions of your images.

Although converting an image from colour to black-and-white is not a straightforward process, most photographers, are able to do this very quickly and provide a very pleasing version of a black-and-white photo. All of our black-and-white conversions are made by using Photoshop and highly skilled photo editors and read touches to know exactly how to get an accurate pleasing version of your black-and-white photo. There are a lot of filters that can turn a colour photograph into a black-and-white photograph for you quickly and easily, however, this is not accurate and often do not result in a nice and pleasing photograph. The only way to get an accurate black-and-white photograph is to do it manually with a program like Photoshop.

Most people though, prefer to use a colour photograph for the headshot. Colour photographs can be more striking and vivid as well as better convey your personality. Colour images are also preferred where the logo of the company is also included as part of the photograph. Colour photograph tends to represent you in more pleasing and approachable manner and it also allows you to show off what you are wearing.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you use a colour or black-and-white photograph. It really does just come down to your personal preference. The most important part of the photograph is the expression, the posing and the overall look of the photograph. In other words, it comes down to your personal preference for style. A good headshot photographer is going to be able to guide you and give you advice on what is the best type of photograph for you. The best advice that I can give you geographer that is going to provide you with a good quality set of colour photographs and also a set of black-and-white photographs without you having to pay extra for it when you request them.