Why do people hate having their photo taken? - Dan Cantero Headshots
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It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Not anymore, at least not when it comes to dating apps and social media profiles. In today’s digital age, people are judged solely by their appearance instead of who they really are. A trend that is both problematic and cruel at the same time. In the online world, this means that your headshot photo is really important.

It seems like these days everyone cares about how someone looks before anything else.  If you don’t have good pictures or enough “likes,” then your popularity will suffer tremendously! It can be hard for some individuals because society places importance only on physical attractiveness rather than character traits as well-meaning motivation to live up to standards set forth by others becomes impossible with one simple swipe left or right (or NO).

We are living in a world where we have to compete with the egotistical all-seeing eye of our own selfie. We need headshots that make us look better than what is really there, extolling virtues and glossing over faults for an image that only looks good if you know nothing about the person it’s portraying.

As photographers who specialize in portrait work, many people tell us they’re not photogenic or simply don’t want their flaws on display for any reason; but then again this begs the question: Who doesn’t?

Why does everyone care about how they look?

Personally, I think it’s because of fear. We all have two fears in life: the ‘fear of loss’ and the ‘fear of rejection.’ You never want to feel rejected or lose out on anything so people go through a lot just to avoid being either one.

For the first time ever, people are able to edit their lives on a continual basis. Some try and hide away by staying away from social media or changing what they wear when posting online for fear of being seen as old looking. Others continue with an outdated headshot up until meeting someone new so that it’s not obvious how much older they look than before.

For many years now our identity has been defined by photos we post online–sometimes even without realizing just how revealing these pictures can be since cameras reveal more detail than ever before. For some, this constant need to self-edit is a way of avoiding facing one’s true age whenever possible.

The digital era is a harsh world where people are judged by how they look on the surface- not what’s inside. But staying offline can be difficult in this time, and many of us have given up our privacy to get out there among them all.

What’s the big deal? Why are we so afraid to let people see our true selves? We’ve lost all of our confidence.

Today, more than ever before we are living in the age of self-promotion. A headshot is one way to put your best foot forward and it’s important that you get a good one for all sorts of reasons, first impressions count! Your audience will decide whether or not they like you from this photograph alone so make sure yours reflects who you truly are.

There is much that we don’t know about the person who stands next to us at work, or meets and greets us with a smile. They may not be what they seem on the surface. Their personality could have been built up of many parts that are hidden from our eyes. Things like anger, frustration, sadness, confidence, etc. It takes time for people to come out into themselves as something more than just an image – this means it also requires someone special to see them in all their complexity before one can truly develop deep connections with somebody else.

People love the confident expressionists. They know how important it is to live life your way even if you’re mocked by some. It’s also empowering when we do things in our own unique ways without caring about what other think of us!

The majority of Sydney headshot photographers will play around with light but it is the exceptional photographers that go further.  They can tap into your personality to make sure it shines through in the photograph.

In order to create an incredible image that connects with their audience, they make sure not to forget the most important element of a person.  What makes them stand out from others.

Headshots are no easy task. A photographer that is interested in people and able to connect on a deeper level will bring this hidden charisma out into the forefront of their photography with exciting results!

Showing others the real you is not something you should be afraid of, it should feel empowering and will create an image that is not only exciting to share with others but gives a sense of pride in who you are.