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Most people don’t really think too much when uploading a photo to social media.  They think that a photo is just that.  A photo.  The truth is that photo is the digital representation of you.  It is a fact that most prospective employers are going to look you up when considering you for a position at their place of work.  This might seem unfair but it is the reality of today.  Understanding this, you need to make sure that your headshot photo conveys a message that you are happy with.  You may think that a photo doesn’t convey anything.  It is just a photo.  You would be wrong.  A headshot photograph is the most authoritative component of any profile.  The look and expression of a photograph is processed by the unconscious mind, so while it’s hard to put it into words, sometimes, you just know by looking at a photo that you probably won’t like that person.

But how can you engineer a photo to say specific things and hold back on others?   Well, the truth is that there are many ways to do this.  A professional corporate headshot photographer will light you and pose you in a way that will make you look the most flattering.  And then there is the expression.  This counts as the most important component of the photo.  Unless you are a professional model, you won’t be able to do this because of one important reason.  The way you see yourself is different from the way everyone else sees you.  Furthermore, your brain thinks it knows what looks good.  Trust me, it doesn’t.  I had hundreds of people in front of my camera and towards the end of the session, they are doing things that feel really uncomfortable but look amazing in a photograph.  They are always amazed at the end of the process at how good they look.  This is learnt from years of practice and trying different things.

My process has taken me a long time to produce where I can get an amazing headshot photograph of someone after they have been coached by me.  The secret is that there is no one secret, it’s just having a system and a way to show people what to do and have fun along the way.  If you are scared or apprehensive of booking a headshot photography session, it’s probably because you’ve never had someone sit with you and coach you step by step on how to pose and how to control your expression to look your best on camera.  It is the photographer’s job to coach you and teach you all those things.  If you don’t have a photographer you can trust, I will shamellesly plug myslef here at ask you to get in contact with me.  I can get you the right photo for you.