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Today I’m going to share with you how to pick the best colours to wear for a headshot photograph.

When it comes to head shot photography, many people think that black is the best colour to wear. However, this isn’t always the case! In fact, different colours can give you different results in your head shot photograph. In this blog post, we will discuss the best colour to wear for a head shot photograph, and why. We will also provide some tips on how to choose the right outfit for your head shot session!

I have been a corporate headshot photographer for a number of years and the most often question I get is “What should I wear for a headshot photograph?”

Let me give you a quick answer that is going to help you. If you don’t know what to wear for a corporate headshot photograph, you should stick with the colour blue. This is a safe choice that will work with just about any type of back when you pick. However there are other options which we will explore in this article.


Best colours for headshot photos

When trying to choose the best of clothing you should think about the role of the clothes play as part of your photograph. You need to remember that the clothes should compliment you and not be the centre of attention. Because of this, I always recommend that you stick to colours they’re not very bright. Tried to pick up pastel colours they have not overpowering. For men, examples of these types of colours would be, faded light blues, faded light pinks and faded light greens. The idea is to stick with something that does not have a lot of saturation.

For women, the same thing applies except that they can introduce more saturation and brighter colours. Women have more options when it comes to accessories as additional wardrobe items that can blend int a larger selection of colour which works in their favour.


Worst colours for headshot photos

There are some colours that I recommend my clients stay away from. The main ones to watch out for are a black shirt and a white shirt. I find that both white and black can drain the colour of the skin and make a person look pale which never looks great. Besides that, it limits the type of background that you can use in your photograph. Some of the most popular paper backdrops for headshot photography are both black and white. Wearing a shirt which has the same colour as the backdrop can make you disappear into the background. There is an exception to wearing white and it is when you are wearing a blazer or jacket over it. This will break the colour pattern to allow for separation from the backdrop as well as provide the contrast needed to compliment your skin tone.


Mixed colour and patterns

Mixed colours such as patterns can work well as long as the pattern is not too busy. When you wear something that has a busy pattern, often it will distract the viewer from the person in the photo. Your face should be the first thing people look at when viewing your photograph so you don’t want to have something competing for the viewer’s attention.

Stick to classic patterns and it will look much better in the end result.


The safe choice for any corporate photo

So what if after reading all of this you still don’t know what to wear? I’m going to give you some options that you can fall back on and will work with just about every type of setting.


Headshot Photo Option 1

Go with a blue shirt or top. Blue can work with any backdrop and it is a classic colour that has been used for decades and remains in style. Blue doesn’t age like other colours and you will be able to use your photograph for longer than having something that is aged because you used a “in-vogue” colour or a specific item that is in fashion right now.


Headshot Photo Option 2

White shirt with a blazer or jacket. As mentioned above, this is the only time to break the “no white” rule.


Headshot Photo Option 3

Blue shirt with blazer or jacket. The only thing to remember here is that there is some contrast between the jacket and the shirt. In other words, the shirt should be lighter in colour than the jacket. Having a darker jacket will provide the contrast needed to compliment you.



I hope that this article has helped you in understanding why the choice of wardrobe is very important when getting a headshot photograph. The next time you are looking to get headshots done, keep these things in mind and it will help you choose the right outfit for your needs. If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading!

Dan Cantero – Commercial Photographer