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What to wear for your corporate headshot session



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I’ve been working as a corporate headshot photographer in Sydney for a long time  and, I can tell you that preparation for key for getting a really good headshot photograph.  The photographer will guide you with poses, expression and everything else but it’s going to require you to also put some effort in preparing for the shoot in order to get the best results possible.  The world has changed dramatically over the last few years and your headshot is now the digital representation of you so it needs to look professional.  If you’re still not conviced how important your photo can be, you should read the following article which will show you why a good headshot photograph is so important.

Your online presence has just become more important than ever

Not all of these point will apply to everyone but I rather include them here and you can skip it if it’s not relevant to you.



 Personality and Image


Not many people think about this and just make it up as they go along.  What I mean is, what is the image that you want to portray?  There are many things you could portray from an image.  Trusting, leader, strong, positive, serious, friendly, etc.  Understanding the image you want to project is the starting point.





As a general rule, busy patterns DON’T work well.  They distract the eye from focusing on you.  This is an photo of you so you want to be the centre of attention. Typically, what works best are plain fabrics.  They tend to be more elegant and don’t age as patterns do.  People have been wearing black or white tops for decades and will continue to do so.  This is tried and tested so stick with plain fabrics.





This is very subjective but there are some guidelines that the majority of people can follow.  Overly bright colours don’t flatter most people.  Just like busy patterns, they tend to distract the viewer’s eyes and focus on the clothing rather than the person.  Colours that are close to skin colour are not flattering and can add weight.  They also make the skin look washed out as there is not much contrast between the colours.

Mid-tone colours tend to work the best.  These are classical colours that won’t age.  Whites, blacks and blues are safes options if you are still stuck on what colour to wear.





This may not sound important but if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, it will show in the photograph.  The photographer will be guiding you on posing, expression and other things and if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing it’s just going to be difficult to fake being relaxed.





I’m often asked if someone should wear a jacket or no jacket.  My answer is always the same.  Let’s shoot both.  What looks good in real life may not translate well in a photograph.  This will also give you some variations if you have a requirement for an image that calls for a more corporate look.  Ensure that the jacket is clean and pressed.  Photoshop is great for hiding some imperfections and dust but wrinkles are difficult to retouch.



Accessories and layering


Accessories are encourage.  We don’t necessarily used them but they can work really well at enhancing other items.  They can be used to completely change the look of the image which in the end will provide you with more variation.  They can also be used to hide scars, tan lines, etc.





While glasses are not a dress item, they are an accessory so they qualify for a mention here.  It is your call if you would like to wear your glasses or not.  If you do want to wear them, make sure they are clean.  Studio lights can show smudges and finger prints which don’t look very nice.  You should bring all the glasses you own.  The look can vary tremendously depending on the type of glasses you have.  Even if you don’t think your old pair will look good, bring them anyway.  Having options is always better.  Lastly, if you won’t be wearing your glasses for the shoot, make sure you take your glasses off at least 30 minutes before your shoot.  If you wait till the last minute you will have marks on your nose where the glasses rest.


You can now feel confident that you are well prepared for your headshot photograph session.  If however you feel like you need a little more help, there are some great stylists that can help you get the right look for you.  We work with stylists from all over Sydney.  Our go to stylist is Alarna Hope based in Sydney.  Many of our clients have booked her to help them achieve the look they are going for.  She will  organise a time to take you shopping ensuring that all the items work together and you only purchase pieces that look great on you.  If you would like to know more, visit her website at

Tell her Dan sent you!  🙂


My name is Dan Cantero and I am a Sydney based headshot and commercial photographer.  Whatever your requirements, if you need headshot photography, corporate portraits or any kind of business phtography, contact me for a chat about how I can help you get the best photos possible for your business.