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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that question? Step into the shoes of your potential customer and imagine why they would pick you? What is so different about your product or the service you offer? Most often, just like in social life, people like to blend in and adapt to their environment and the people they associate with. This is a natural human condition that served us well hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Being part of a tribe was safe. Conform to what everyone else is doing and you will survive.

However, in business, conforming will get you on a trajectory to the bottom. You do what everyone is doing and you provide the best possible price. You are now part of this large group of business and individuals that provide the same service. What we sometimes fail to see is that when all else is the same the client will almost always make a decision based on price. This means undercutting your competitors to the point where you make very little profit if any.

The key to solving this problem is based on your USP (Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point). Why would you spend so much more on a MacBook when you can get a similar laptop from another brand at nearly half the price? Because you can’t get a MacBook from anyone other than Apple. They are the only ones that make them so if you want one you need to buy if from them.

We should all identify or develop a USP. It could be as simple as having a “Never give up” attitude at work. This makes you the go-to person when it needs to be done right. This could be your USP.

If you are looking for a job it could be a fantastic, and rare qualification that nobody else has. It could be a professionally written CV, or a professional headshot to represent you and help you stand out.

If you are a business it could be your 100% Money back guarantee that nobody else offers, or your incredible support structure with a call centre based in Australia, or maybe, that amazing product that you have exclusive rights to. Whatever it is, this is the reason they will hire you, book you or purchase from you.

Whatever your USP, it needs to be the reason someone picks you.

For myself. I am a corporate headshot photographer in Sydney and I provide my clients with imagery that they cannot get anywhere else. I know I won’t be outworked and my style is just that…… my style.

So why would they pick you?

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