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Most people don’t really pay much attention to the backdrop in their photographs. Afterall, this is a corporate headshot photo of them and not the backdrop. The truth is that the backdrop plays a huge part in what that photo says about the subject.

There are endless choices when it comes to photography backgrounds. I own several different types of photography backdrops and yet in 99% of the time, the background I use is either grey or white.

A white backdrop is normally associated with old style corporate photography. This is because the photographers who used white backdrops have continued to use a lighting style that is almost as old as white backdrops. They found a lighting set up that worked, and they stuck to it. Eventually, this style became so old that it is now out of style.

The good news is that white backdrops do not need to be dull or old fashioned. In fact, a white backdrop is often the best type of backdrop to use for your branding. A white backdrop will go with any type of colour. Most websites will have a white background so using a branding photo with a white backdrop is the ideal way to go.

Your personal brand is important. It isperhaps, the most important part of your business. People will do business with you because of who you are. This is part of your personal branding. That is why your photo needs to send out the right message.

A white backdrop is ideal for removing every other possible component of the photo so that all that is left is you. When you look at a photo of a person on a white backdrop, all you see if the person because there is nothing else to look at.

Or course, you need a lighting set up that is designed to work with a white backdrop. This is easier said than done. It is the reason I worked on my current lighting setup to perfect a look that is fresh, modern and classy. It makes you look amazing!

Most photographers will still use lighting setups that result in unflattering shadows which look very un-natural. A white backdrop is perfect for branding photos. They are bright and fresh and they are also perfect when you need to place copy or logos on the photograph.

So if you are looking for the perfect branding or corporate headshot, don’t rule out using a white backdrop. Using my unique lighting setup, I capture both grey and white backdrops at the same time. This way you can view the images and decide if white is the right colour for you.