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Expression is one of the most if not the most important component of a corporate photo.  Sure there is the lighting and camera and all the other techincal stuff but if I was to choose between a well lit, well posed image with bad expression versus a photograph taken with nothing more than an iPhone but with good expression, I would keep the later one.

Expression is the first thing the viewer connects with when they first look at at photograph.  We have been conditioned to see to accept what a phone  images looks like so we no longer notice the bad lighting and the low resolution of a phone picture.  Expression though speaks directly to the subcounscious.  Expression is that thing that is going to make you trust someone or not.  It can convey a number of different messages that can make the viewer decided then and there if you are someone that they are interested in engaging with or not.

Just through expression you can make someone look more approachable, more competent, empathetic, outgoing, reserved, etc.

This is why the first thing I focus on when photographing my clients is expression.  It is the first layer of everything I do because withouth that we can’t move on to the next level.

Getting a great headshot photograph is about mastering each level and then moving on to the next one.

Expression, posing, emotion, movement and lighting.  Everyone needs help with this.  Most people that come into my studio feel apprehensive about getting their photo taken because it isn’t really a very natural thing to do.  Most people will try to pose for the photo and that never really works.  Then again why would it?  Unless you are a profession model and do this every day why would you be naturally good at it.  Coaching someone for a professional headshot photograph takes time.  This is why I only book two sessions per day.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This gives the client and me plenty of time to get the shot right.  To get a shot that is going to work for you takes effort but I promise that if you are willing to put in the work I will match your effort to make sure we get it right.

Dan Cantero

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