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When I was contacted by Natalie to do a coporate headshot photo shoot, she was in the middle of a career transition. She had been working for a major corporation for several years, but she was ready for something new. She wasn’t sure what the next step would be, but she knew that she wanted to look her best when she found it. A headshot photograph is often one of the first impressions that a potential employer will see, so it’s important to make sure that you look your best!

Natalie and I worked together to create a headshot that would represent her as the strong, confident woman that she is. We talked about what kind of energy she wanted to portray in the photo, and we came up with a pose and a look that conveyed exactly that.

We took our time to craft a series of photograph that showed her professionalism as well as making her look approachable and friendly. We ended up getting around 8 photos that she loved, and that she felt represented her in the best light possible.

corporate headshot Sydney
corporate headshot Sydney
corporate headshot Sydney

Within a few weeks of getting her headshot photo, Natalie landed her dream job. She attributed a large part of that to the headshot photo because it made such a great first impression. It showed that she was confident, capable and professional but most importantly, it helped her stand out from the competition. People started to notice her and opportunities started to present themselves.

The impact of that photo session was so great that Natalie took the time to get in touch with me many months later to tell me how happy she was in her new place of employment.

This is not an isolated story. I have had many clients who have seen a significant career boost after we worked together to create headshots that represented them in the best light possible.

We are all told not to judge a book by its cover but the reality is that if it comes down to you or someone else, it might come down to your photograph.