How a headshot photography session boosted Ethan’s career - Dan Cantero Headshots
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Ethan is a super talented actor with a real passion for his craft. Landing any role in a production or a film is his ultimate dream and he was determined to make it happen. To help him on this journey, Ethan decided that he needed headshots taken by a Sydney headshot photographer to better showcase his unique look. He booked an appointment with one of myself to ensure the highest quality headshots for himself.

During the session, Ethan and I spoke at great length about the types of roles that he was looking for and what headshots would best showcase his talent. We discussed the kinds of headshots that casting directors usually look out for, which was very eye-opening. It not common knowledge that there are very specific things that casting directors look for. Most actors will use a photo taken by a friend or (heaven forbid) a selfie taken with a phone!

The majority of actors headshots tend to blend into one another and don’t stand out from the crowd, however headshot photography takes knowledge, skill and experience and experience that can only be acquired after talking with many different casting directors. There are many things that can be done to make sure that you stand out and not blend in with everyone else’s photos.

With all this in mind, I worked with Ethan and over a couple of hours, we ended up grabbing some amazing shots! Ethan updated all his promotional material, as well as all of his social media profiles and noticed an instant improvement in his engagement.

 After the session, Ethan’s headshots got picked up by a casting director and he was invited to audition for the lead role in a production. To say that his headshot changed the course of his career, is an understatement! Ever since then, Ethan has been getting more callbacks and bookings than ever before.

 It all goes to show how important headshot photography is to an actor’s career. If you’re in Sydney and looking for headshots, make sure to get in touch. I have the knowledge and experience to help you stand out from the crowd and help you land your dread role.