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When it comes to corporate headshots, there are two main types: professional and editorial. Professional headshots are typically used for business cards and website bios, while editorial portraits are more creative and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as marketing or advertising materials. So which one do you need? In order to answer this questions we need to understand what the differenes are between different types of corporate headshots.


Corporate Headshots | Professional Headshots

A professional headshot is a photo that captures your likeness in a business setting. The goal of a professional headshot is to show potential clients or employers what you look like, and to convey a sense of professionalism. Corporate headshots are usually taken against a neutral background, such as a white wall. The reason for this is to keep the focus on you, the subject. It also provides space for any copy that needs to be included with the photo. This is typically done by placing the person on one side of the image to allow for white space. White space is simply empty space and despite the name is does not have to be white. If any type of text needs to be included with photograph, I always recommend a clean background such as white, grey or black. This will allow the text to be clearly read. Below is an example of this type of shot which is often used as website headshots or  LinkedIn headshots.

Corporate headshots of man

Corporate headshots such as these are ideal for making sure the the focus is on you and are very effective at raising the level of trust between the reader and the subject.


Editorial Portraits | Environmental Portraits

An editorial portrait on the other hand, is a photo that captures your likeness in a more creative setting. Editorial portraits are typically used for magazine articles, blog posts, or other marketing materials. These photos are less formal than professional headshots, and often convey a sense of personality or style. These type of shots can also include photos such as outdoor headshots. Editorial portraits are usually taken against an interesting background, such as a cityscape or in the working environment that you wish to promote. They are often used as part of an article where the text often describes a situation. The photo is used to re-enforced this point so to ensure that the reader understands the context of what is written in the article. This type of portrait is often referred to as an environmental portrait. See below for an example of an environmental portrait.

Editorial portrait headshots of a man

Both types of photographs are very effective in communicating a message to the reader. Ultimately, it depends on the type of business, your personality and the message you are trying to send to your viewer.


Corporate Headshot | Professional Headshot


– A professional headshot is a great way to show potential clients or employers that you are serious about your business.

– A professional headshot can help you look more approachable and trustworthy.


– Can be hard to find a photographer you are comfortable with



Editorial Portrait | Environmental Portrait

– Pros:

– Editorial portraits are more creative and can be used for a variety of purposes.

– Editorial portraits can help you stand out from the competition.

– Cons: Can be difficult to place easily read text on photo


A headshot photo is all about focusing all the attention on you. It needs to have a clean and elegant background that is not going to distract away from people looking at you. All my headshot photographs are carefully crafted using professional lighting that is unique to me. I have been photographing headshots for for over 8 years and coupled with my coaching, results in a style that you won’t find anywhere else and the results are stunning and classy headshot photos that can’t help to impress. I’ready to help you get a photo that you will love to use on all of you social media platforms and websites.