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Do you ever wonder if a corporate headshot should be edited in photoshop? If so, this article is for you! In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of editing your corporate headshots in photoshop. First, let’s go over what a corporate headshot is. A corporate headshot typically consists of a person’s face with minimal distractions or background information. This usually means that there are no other people in the photo beside the person being photographed and that any objects in the photo are not distracting from their face.

Because a headshot photo is a representation of you, it is important that it is a good quality photo. Getting a good headshot can be quite difficult. Each photo I take is carefully crafted to match the person in front of the camera. A good photographer will work with their client on posing, expression, clothing, etc. They will also provide the best lighting setup as well as background and composition to match the intended outcome. All this work will result in a few frames where everything is working in perfect synchronicity that results in a great photo.

This is the first half of the job. The second part of the job is photo editing. Photo editing can have a bad reputation due to the ease of use and overuse of photoshop and photo filters that are common on smartphones. The reality is that most people don’t know how to edit a photo. It takes years to become a good editor. In the same way that a good makeup artist works to enhance somebody’s features, a good editor knows exactly what to take out of a photo, what to enhance, and most importantly, what to leave alone. It should be the case that others shouldn’t be able to tell that your photo has been retouched.

Now, some people might disagree and say that a photo should be used straight out of the camera without any retouching but, I would argue that a headshot photograph is part of your marketing material and should be as good as it can. A good corporate headshot should not have stray hairs that look untidy. It should not have noticeable lint on your clothes. I would never remove features from someone’s face but I’m very happy to remove pimples, shaving cuts, or temporary discoloration in the skin. Anything that is not permanent and should not be there, I’m happy to remove with the consultation of my client. A good quality photo with quality editing will result in a rested and unstressed look. Check out some examples of good headshot editing.

Given that this is the photo that could land your next job or a great client, why would you not want to look your best?

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