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A professional corporate headshot photograph is an investment in yourself so why would you not prepare for it? I’ve shot hundreds of headshots and most people don’t truly understand the power of a good photograph. Your photo represents you when you are not there so it needs to speak a consistent and positive message. Weather we like it or not, we judge a book by its cover so you better make sure you have a great cover to your book!

So here are my best tips for preparing for a professional headshot photograph. You will look better and the photographer will appreciate the effort.

  1. Know what you are going to use the photograph for. Don’t forget that this is an investment and like any other investment, we need an ROI. The photographer will design and produce an image for that specific use. That way you can put the photo to work for you.
  2. Clothing is extremely important. Basically, you need to treat this as a job interview. If you would wear a suit then wear a suit. If it’s a little more relaxed, that is totally ok. Make sure you discuss this with the photographer as they will have valuable information to help decide what best suits you. Ideally, bring a few different items and change of clothing. You and the photographer will be able to see what works best. If you can afford a stylist then get one. They are worth their weight in gold and will make you look amazing.
  3. Make sure you have a candid conversation with the photographer to let him know what you don’t like about your other photos. There is ALWAYS something that people don’t like. People also try to keep this a secret and instead they think they can pose their way around this issue. Your photographer is the best person to help you deal with those issues. We can make you appear thinner, taller, shorter, and a variety of other things that bother people. You just have tell us what that is.
  4. Plan any hair work that is needed. If you are going to have a hair stylist on the day of the shoot, don’t wash your hair that morning and instead wash it the night before. Your hair will have more body and will be easier to style making it look better. If you are getting a haircut, make sure it is a few days before the shoot to give is some time to settle down.
  5. Don’t use any skin or hair products that you haven’t used before. If you have a reaction to a product that you’ve not used before, the retouchers may not be able to get rid of rashes and breakouts.
  6. Have your makeup professionally done. Make up for photographs is different than the make up you put on for a night out. It is usually a lot heavier and designed for the camera so let a professional do it properly. And don’t think that this tip is only for women. Men can also benefit from application of make up.
  7. Don’t drink the night before. Alcohol can make your skin look tired. You will also get some redness in the eyes that is very difficult to remove in post production. Overall you will look a little tired so best to just avoid it altogether.
  8. Get plenty of sleep. Just like alcohol, lack of sleep will affect the way you look so make sure you get plenty of sleep.
  9. Bring everything you normally use to get ready. A brush, additional makeup, lipstick, etc. just in case you need a touch up.
  10. Get your outfits ironed or pressed. Wrinkles are really hard to get rid of in Photoshop so make sure all your clothes are clean and pressed. This is something that is often overlooked and will make a massive difference. If you have a lint roller make sure you use it and even bring it with you.

Follow these simple tips and you are sure to have a successful session resulting in a great headshot photograph.