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Best headshot photography for work


What is the best type of headshot photograph for work?  The answer is it depends. The question is a little bit more complicated than that because you need to define what you want your headshot photograph to do for you. Everybody just assumes that a headshot photograph is a corporate type of photograph. The fact is that if you want your headshot photograph to work for you then it needs to be designed around your requirements.  Working out what the best headshot photograph is for you, start with having a conversation with the photographer to explain your line of work and what it is that you want people to think or do when they look at your photograph.

There’s no point in having a photograph of you dressed up in corporate clothing if you work as a plumber and you tried to promote your plumbing business. Your photo needs to relate to your clients and also communicate other factors so just personality and approachability. You need to make your photo want other people to work and engage with you which is why it’s so important to prepare with the help of your photographer so that you can get the right images. Sometimes it’s impossible to pitch your business personally to a potential client so you need to make sure that your photograph does this for you.

If you need help getting a photograph that is going to provide a return on investment and help you to grow your business and get more clients, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me for a friendly chat.